2022 Vendors & Vendor Info


The Shelburne Falls Farmers’ Market will be opening on Friday, 27 May for the 2022 season! For more information about the market, please visit our other menu pages, too.  This website will be updated regularly throughout our 2022 season.

Interested in selling your goods at the market?  Please read our rules and regulations and fill out the applications form below.

2022 Shelburne Falls Farmers Market Vendor Form

2022 Shelburne Falls Farmers Market Rules & Regs

*2022 Vendor guidelines:

• Non-profits, bake sales, leaflet-ers / information tables pay the regular vendor fee at the discretion of the management committee ($15/day or partial/full season).
• Elementary school-aged kids selling something they’ve made or selling something for school fundraisers pay no fee (unless they are selling commercial products).
• Middle-high school students pay 10% of the day’s proceeds, up to $15 per day.
• Any kids’ booth that is really being run by adults or selling products largely made by adults pay the regular vendor fee.
• First-time vendors who would like to return can apply their first $15 fee toward a half- or full-season fee.

Here’s a list of our 2022 VENDORS!

This list will be updated regularly.

  • Barbara and Eric Goodchild of Barberic Farm – Frozen lamb, ready to bake fruit or meat pies, pickles, jam, jelly, marmalade, fruit sauces, popcorn, eggs, rootbeer, sheepskins, wool, handspun yarn, hand-tooled leather goods, hand forged blacksmith items, and more. [ www.barbericfarm.com  [barbericfarm@gmail.com (413) 625-8203]
  • Lisa Davenport of Davenport Maple Farm – We offer delicious maple products, including: maple syrup, maple candy, maple spread, maple granulated sugar, and maple coated nuts. I also have locally taken photo notecards. [davenportmaple@yahoo.com (413) 625-2866]
  • Daniel Greene of Good Bunch FarmWide assortment of vegetables and plants for sale [www.facebook.com/goodbunchfarm]       https://goodbunchfarm.com
  • Margaret Olin of Margaret Olin – Healing Therapies – 15 minute seated bodywork sessions: modalities include CranioSacral Therapy, Acupressure, ZeroBalancing, and energy work. ( During 2022 season, while COVID-19 Social Distancing regulations remain in effect: offering in-person seated bodywork sessions — following all state  and local health & safety guidelines — plus distance-sessions & wellness consultations. )  [www.livingessencehealingarts.com
  • Michael and Carin Freeman of Freeman FarmA multi-generational farm in the hills of Heath: selling grass-fed beef and pastured pork, meat shares & bundles also available; animals are not given antibiotics or growth hormones, and all meat is locally processed; homemade crafts & gifts. Accepting EBT. [info@freemanfarm.biz]
    Michael: 413-522-5565           Carin: 413-768-8101               www.freemanfarm.biz
  • Shraddha Oquinn of Colrain and Snow Shop — Selling handcrafted scented soy candles & wax melts (8oz, 6oz, 4oz, 3oz)  [www.colrain.andsnow.shop     shrad.oquinn@andsnow.shop   (627)416-3477 ]       
  • Kate Stevens of Wilder Brook Farm, and Zoe Marks of Two Maple Farm (both in Charlemont) of Tiny Bouquet Co. Cut flowers, flower bouquets, flower tinctures, herbs, dried flowers and botanicals  [Kate Stevens: (413) 695-4367 songline50@aol.com   Zoe Marks: (209) 619-1339 zoezmarks@gmail.com ]      
  • Nancy Palmgren of Native Shade Nancy’s Backyard Selling w. ginger, bloodroot, virgin’s bower, N.E. aster, f. Solomon’s seal, Soloman’s seal, Jack-in-the-pulpit, turtlehead, columbine, W. geranium, pearly everlasting; Eastern Hemlock or Canadian Spreading Yew in a decorative pot garden ornaments; vintage material pillows/Oriental pillows. [nancypalmgren@comcast.net ]      
  • Jocelyn Demuth and Chris LaRoche of Checkerspot Farm: Native plants for home gardeners: Eastern prickly pear, Cone flower, Steeple bush, Cardinal flower, Great blue lobelia, Allegheny monkey flower, Rose milkweed, Virginia strawberry, Bee balm, Blue-eyed grass, Pussy toes, Turtlehead, Bearded tongue   [www.checkerspotfarm.com]         
  • Lynn Golan of The People’s Gold Selling teas (Nourish, Good Gut, Reishi, Immunity Chai); tinctures (Mushroom Immunity, Relax, Bitters, Big Love, Tick Defense, Breathe Easy, Smoke Free); salves (Tree Spirit Salve, Skin Salvation, Muscle Rub)
    [www.thepeoplesgold.co    Instagram @thepeoplesgold ]      
  • George Sweeney of Bladesmith.com – Selling beautiful, durable, handcrafted kitchen knives & sets, specialty chef knives, camp knives, custom sheaths, reproduction native knives & beaded sheaths. [www.bladesmith.com]            
  • Chaldea Deyman of Art Bug Illustrations — Selling matted prints and greeting cards of watercolor illustrations; handmade painted wooden blocks (animals, shops, and vehicles); cotton playmate (handmade, with food designs); hand-painted cotton bags.  [ www.artbugillustrations.com   artbugillustrations@gmail.com Instagram  @artbugillustrations ]

(This list will be updated regularly!)

* Here at the Shelburne Falls Farmers’ Market, we ask all vendors and customers to follow current federal, state and local COVID-related guidelines regarding masks, social distancing, etc. Individual vendors will continue to have hand sanitizer available, and some vendors may require masks at their individual booths. The Market will continue to be guided by all CDC, Mass DPH, and local requirements and recommendations.