Trail TOC at the market

Trail Toc Diner’s Bonnie Brown will be with us on September 9th, with her award-winning chili plus delectable brownies and muffins! She’’ll be at the market again on October 7th with her chili and her Apple Peanut Butter Pie!

A little about Trail TOC Diner:
Trail Toc Diner — Home-style cooking, where everything is homemade but the bread and the french fries. Open 5:30 – 3:00 serving breakfast every day. Daily specials, plus a $5.99 breakfast changes every day.

“Our chili is an award winning chili with the International Chili Foundation. And our original “Apple Peanut Butter Pie” is an award winner as well. You won’t find it anywhere but at Trail Toc Diner.”

The diner is located in the Arrowhead Shops on Rt. 2, five minutes from Greenfield or Shelburne.

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