It’s Children’s Day!

Friday July 26th will be “Children’s Day” at the Shelburne Falls Farmers Market, from 2:00 – 6:30! Come for an interesting and fun-filled afternoon! Here are some of the special activities and visiting artists.

IMG_20190318_083606_507“Mr. Dave” (3:30 – 6:00) is a local kids’ performer and family-friendly entertainer who uses traditional and original children’s music to encourage movement, interaction and play for kids and their families. Always ready to toss in a family-friendly song or two that ranges from the 1930’s to today, too! Mr. Dave always has extra instruments for kids and adults alike, and is constantly ready for an impromptu ukulele lesson or jam session!

• Trevor at Hiro’s Greenhouse will be providing Jade Tree cuttings, small pots, and soil for kids to learn how to root their own houseplant! Limited cuttings, so hurry to Hiro’s early in the Market!

• Along with her usual beautiful watercolor cards, magic wands and beadwork jewelry, Sarah at Joy Farm will have lots of new kids bracelets and several matching kids & grownups bracelets!  

eRibbonStickPicsFrom GRFThe Art Garden (3:15 — 6:00) will provide the materials and guidance for participants of all ages to make ribbon sticks to wave or parade around with. Ribbons are re-purposed and up-cycled from donated and salvaged fabrics at The Art Garden by community volunteers. This Art Garden activity is free to Farmers’ Market guests. Donations to support The Art Garden’s community programs are welcome.

IMG_6591• Stop by Asma’s Kitchen for a late lunch, a snack, or dinner. Her menu for the day includes: gluten free and vegan dishes (hummus, babaganush, musk, falafel), meat dishes (chicken shawarma, chicken shish kabob, beef kofta), and sweets (rice pudding, baklava) New today is katayf, a light, sweet dumpling stuffed with coconut, raisins, and syrup — pictured here. 

For more special treats, try Althea’s lemonade (Freeman Farm), Maple-sugar coated nuts and hermit bars (Davenport Maple Farm) plus root beer and frozen yoghurt (Barberic Farm).

• And all afternoon (2:00 – 6:30), there’s a fun scavenger hunt: a great way to meet the vendors and explore the Market!

Children of all ages are welcome, but should be accompanied by an adult.