July 19th at the Market!

Well, there aren’t any showers forecast for this Friday, but the temperatures may be hovering close to 90. On the Green, though, with the river flowing behind us and the trees’ generous shade, it tends to be a little cooler than it is in town. So come on over, but make sure to stay hydrated: Althea’s lemonade (made with real lemons!) can help, along with Barberic Farm’s root beer. . . and their frozen yoghurt is a perfect treat for a hot day, too!

Have you been noticing Marky, our purple Market Manager in the Recorder every Thursday? This week, he grew poetic, and here’s the ad in case you missed it:

SFFM 19July19 RecorderAd

With us for the first time this week is Kate Winans of KDW Designs. Kate is a local Interior Arranger, focused on affordable farmhouse decor—including vintage, antique, and whimsical. Her finds are restored and repurposed when necessary, and there’s always something to invoke the warmth of living a simple country life. Welcome, Kate!

Also, these vendors will be back with us this week:

  • Asa Bates’ Flowers & Mandalas
  • Asma’s Kitchen
  • Barberic Farm
  • Davenport Maple Farm
  • Freeman Farm
  • Good Bunch Farm
  • Hiro’s Greenhouse
  • Margaret Olin — Healing Therapies
  • Momma’s Homemade
  • Sweet Morning Farm

For more information on our vendors, please see check out this page on our website.

And if you’ve missed any newsblog posts, they’re here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!