Another Beautiful Afternoon at the Market!

We hope that you’re in the midst of a good June, and that you and your families have all stayed healthy!

It looks like we’re in for yet another beautiful day at the Market. For the past few weeks, Friday afternoons have been a tad hot & humid, but with the breeze off the river, it’s been quite comfortable here. And today, with the humidity down, it’ll be even nicer!

Here’s the list of vendors who will be with us this week:

  • Asma’s Kitchen
  • Barberic Farm
  • Davenport Maple Farm
  • Freeman Farm
  • Good Bunch Farm
  • Hiro’s Houseplants
  • Margaret Olin — Healing Therapies
  • Momma’s Homemade

For more information about each vendor, please check out the vendor page on our website.

We’re still needing to follow all of the health and safety guidelines that have been in place since our first Market, and if you’d like a reminder, please visit this page on our website.

Thank you again for your support of the Market, and we look forward to seeing you this afternoon!