Friday the 12th at the Market

At the moment, the weather forecast for this Friday says there’s a 50% chance of showers. Will it or won’t it rain? You don’t have to guess about the Market, though: you can depend on us being on the Green rain or shine! 

If you missed coming by last week to pick up barbecue fixings, don’t fret: we’ll have a similar array of goodies this week, too:

Appetizers:  snap peas, radishes, carrots, maple nuts, bacon, felafel… 

Veggies: beets, broccoli, kale, greens, garlic scapes… 

Entrée: beef & lamb steaks; pork, beef & lamb chops; chicken, beef, lamb, & pork roasts & ground; fresh eggs.. 

Dessert: maple candy & syrup, frozen yogurt, hermits, baklava 

And it could be another perfect day to grab a blanket and enjoy a picnic dinner on the Green, with some of this week’s prepared foods:

• Asma’s Kitchen will have chicken shawarma, beef kofta with rice and quinoa, chicken shish kabobs, hummus, babaganoush, moussaka, felafel, and baklava for desert! 

Barberic Farm will have root beer and strawberry frozen yoghurt

Davenport Maple Farm has those famous hermit bars, and maple-coated nuts, along with maple candy

Freeman Farm will have lemonade and iced tea

Good Bunch Farm and Sweet Morning Farm will have more baby greens, lettuce and other salad fixings, so just bring along a bowl, some utensils, and your favorite dressing!

This week, there’ll be 2 music sets!

violin instr 3• First, from 2:30 – 3:30, the children in the summer Musica Franklin program will be drumming, singing, and playing violins. Musica Franklin offers a free intensive music program where students learn social and academic skills while experiencing the joy of making music together. 

IMG_20190318_083606_507• Next, from 3:30-6:00, we’ll be joined by Mr. Dave. He’s is a local kids’ performer and family friendly entertainer who uses traditional and original children’s music to encourage movement, interaction and play for kids and their families. Mr. Dave always brings along extra instruments for kids and adults alike.

For more information on this week’s musicians, check out the music page of our website.

The vendors who will be with us this week include:

  • Asa Bates’ Flowers & Mandalas
  • Asma’s Kitchen
  • Barberic Farm
  • Davenport Maple Farm
  • Freeman Farm
  • Good Bunch Farm
  • Hiro’s Greenhouse
  • Joy Farm
  • Margaret Olin — Healing Therapies
  • Momma’s Homemade
  • Sweet Morning Farm

For more information on our vendors, please see check out this page on our website.

And if you’ve missed any newsblog posts, they’re here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!