First Market on Friday, May 22nd!


The forsythia and daffodil yellows are just starting to fade, as the greens on the hills are becoming more vibrant by the minute. That’s the signal that it’s time for the Shelburne Falls Farmers’ Market season to begin!

Yes, we’re back, opening as usual on Memorial Day weekend (this Friday, 22 May), at our usual 2:00 – 6:30 time, and at our usual spot on the Green. Many of our regular vendors will be back with us on Friday, including:

• Asma’s Kitchen
• Barberic Farm
• Davenport Maple Farm
• Freeman Farm
• Good Bunch Farm
• Hiro’s Greenhouse
• Margaret Olin — Healing Therapies
• Momma’s Homemade

Some things will be the same, but with the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic, some things will be different, too. We’ve been guided by all CDC, Mass DPH, and local BOH requirements and recommendations, and are adopting policies and procedures with the goal of keeping our customers, vendors, and community healthy.

Here are the procedures that we need to ask customers and visitors to the Market to follow at this time, and we’ll keep you updated as things change.  From our press release:

-If you are sick, please stay home, and if you start to feel sick at the market, please go home.
-Everyone is required to wear a face covering (except for children under 2 and folks who, because of a medical condition, cannot).
-People are to practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart as much as possible.

-The Market’s entrance will be near the intersection of Water & Main Streets.
-A one way lane will be set up for customers to walk along to access the line of vendors.
-The exit will be near the rock monument, further down Main Street.
-No access via Water Street will be permitted.

-Customers will not be allowed to handle merchandise. The vendor will show you their goods, collect your order, bag it if appropriate, and place it on a table for you to take.
-Payment will be done using as little contact as possible. Vendors will be set up to minimize the touching of card readers, money, pens, etc. as much as possible.
-No reusable bags nor boxes will be allowed at the Market. Please leave them in your car.
-Washing &/or sanitizing between customers will be done as necessary.
-No eating nor drinking will be allowed at the Market, even outside the fenced area.

-Customers are encouraged to only have one person per household attend the Market. If you must have child(ren) with you, they must stay within arm’s reach of the adult who brought them.
-No gathering nor playing on the Green by the general public is allowed while the Market is set up.

These are quite a few differences, and it’s a lot to remember. We’ll have volunteers with us to help (Thank you, volunteers!!), and our signs and colorful market-markings should help, too!

So, while for now, we may not be able to move as freely through the Market or chat & socialize as long as we’d like, we ask everyone to be patient as we navigate this new and changing territory together. Yes, the Market may feel a little different right now and not look quite like it does in the photo, but we’re so thankful to be able to open, and for all the support we’ve gotten from the community! Yay for this wonderful touch of “normalcy” on Friday afternoons!

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on Friday!