Our Second Market on Friday, 29 May!

Thank you to everyone who came last week (or even just thought about coming!) to our first Market last Friday! Who could have asked for better spring weather, when we had such balmy air and crystal-blue skies? But it was all the smiles — impossible to hide, even behind everyone’s masks — that made it the brightest.

22 May 2020 SFFM

Yes, the layout was a little different, with the “boulevard”, more space between the tents, and the new addition of foot-powered running water for hand-washing (thanks, Dan!) . . . SFFM 22May20 Water Stationand it all takes a little getting used to. And just as we get used to it, it’ll change, hopefully back to the open spot — for gathering & catching up with neighbors, for shopping, and for relaxing by the musician’s tent — that we’ve all enjoyed so much over the years. In the meantime, we really appreciate everyone’s patience, and how careful everyone is being to abide by the regulations that we all need to follow during this time.

Also, we want to thank the Shelburne Emergency COVID-19 Task Force volunteers 5who were with us last week to help folks navigate the new setup and provide information: Nancy and Ken at the info-table by the exit, and Deb, who helped folks near the entrance. We really appreciate their support!

The weather forecast may be hinting at showers in the afternoon, but we’ll still be on the Green for our second Market tomorrow (Friday, the 29th). Regulations haven’t changed yet, so the setup will be the same as it was last week. (If we end up needing umbrellas, maybe they’d be good reminders of “social distancing”: wouldn’t 2-umbrella-widths be approximately 6 feet??)

The vendors who will be with us this week include:

• Asma’s Kitchen
• Barberic Farm
• Davenport Maple Farm
• Freeman Farm
• Hiro’s Greenhouse
• Margaret Olin — Healing Therapies
• Momma’s Homemade
(and Good Bunch Farm will be back next week!)

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Friday afternoon!